Dropper Chopper Rules & FAQ's

Official Rules

Each entry equals 1 ball / ticket, which entitles 1 person to enter the Dropper Chopper Holiday Festival tent on Saturday, December 15th. 

All tickets will be sold prior to the Dropper Chopper ball drop. Sales page closes 48 hours before the start of the festival. Prize money for winning tickets will be provided by Dropper Chopper ticket sales. A maximum of 5000 tickets will be sold. 

          Ball Certification

  • Standard issue golf or ping pong balls of normal size and weight will be numbered 1 to 5000.

    • The 5000 balls will be audited by a representative from an independent accounting firm to ensure that all balls are present.

    • The balls will then be placed in sealed containers and certified by a representative of the independent accounting firm that all balls are present and accounted for.

    • The containers holding the balls will be stored in a secure location until the day of the event.

    Ball Drop

    • Under the observation of security personnel, the balls from the sealed containers will be transferred into two transport containers.

    • The two transport containers will be placed into the helicopter.

    • The helicopter will then proceed to take off and approach the drop zone where it will hover. The designated ball dropper, or flight team member, will release the balls from the containers.

    • Once all balls have been dropped, determination of the winners will take place.

    Winner Identification

    • A member of Georgia Council of Chiropractic and a member of Woodstock Police Department will be provided a master list of balls purchased, the ticket’s assigned owner and contact information prior to the start of the festival.

    • A pre-determined  member of the Woodstock Public Safety Foundation will be charged with measuring the balls that land closest to the pin.

    • The WPSF member, under the direct observation of the Georgia Council of Chiropractic, Woodstock Police Department, Woodstock Fire Department, Woodstock Public Safety Foundation and the Dropper Chopper official representatives will approach the drop zone for the purpose of determining the winners.

    • The WPSF member, and aforementioned observers, will determine the grand prize winning ball based on which ball has landed closest to the designated flag pin and then the next winning ball, and so forth, until all winning balls have been determined. In the event of a tie for closest ball, 1st and 2nd prizes will be combined and split equally. 

    • The WPSF member, along with the Dropper Chopper official representative, will certify all winning balls by signing a “Statement of Certification.”

    • Winners will then be announced during the Dropper Chopper Holiday Festival and posted on-line at www.dropperchopper.com as soon as possible after the winning balls are determined.

    • Winners need not be present to win.

    Claiming of Prizes

    • In cases where a winner was not present at the festival, or may not have visited the web site, Dropper Chopper staff will make all reasonable attempts to contact the winner via the contact information he or she provided on the Dropper Chopper ticket information form.

    • During normal business hours, winners may contact Dropper Chopper representatives at 770-592-1915

    • Any prize money not claimed by January 31, 2019, will be considered unclaimed and dedicated to WPSF's 2019 Shop With A Hero and GCC's Public Awareness Campaign.

    No purchase or contribution is necessary.


Will I receive a paper ticket in the mail or by other means?

  • No. All entries are registered via online purchase. You will receive an e-mail confirming your purchase. Please maintain that in the event of a technical error. 

Can I bring my children to the holiday festival?

  • Yes, this is a family friendly event. There will be a designated kids zone for non-ticketed attendees. If you've purchased multiple entries, you may use your additional entry wristbands for any guest of your choice. 

How many times can I enter?

  • You may enter as often as you wish. However, you may need to use a different e-mail address to make additional purchases - so if you know you want to purchase multiple entries, you may want to do so at one time. 

If I work for a company that is donating gifts or sponsoring the event, can I still participate and purchase entry tickets?

  • Yes. The Dropper Chopper is open to all residents of the US with the exception of Dropper Chopper official representatives and any immediate family members residing in the same household. 

I cannot attend the holiday festival. Can I give my entry ticket away? 

  • You must show your identification matching your entry to obtain your wristbands to the festival tent. In addition, there will be a spectator section that does not require entry tickets/wristbands. You do not need to be present to win. 

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